Get 2 KNOW this Indie Executive ~Takia Ross

"I believe in us! I believe in the Power that we possess to take over the world. I believe that we can do all things...not solely because I was told so but also because I watch each and every one of you do it! It is because of you that I am...and I will never forget it. Now let's go RULE s&%$! " ~TAKIA ROSS OWNER/OPERATOR ACCESSMATIZED....
I remember the first time I met this lady right here.  I was at the photo shoot for Sydni Marie's CD Cover Art and she was the make-up artist.  We chatted very briefly while she beat the heck out of Sydni's face (LOL)...Although a lil quiet, I could tell she had a BOLD personality.  It was no surprise when I learned she had went out and bought a freaking BUS, painted it purple, accessmatized the interior and turned it into a Mobile-Make-up Business "Pretty Mobile Baltimore"... Shortly after I saw she was hosting her own make-up events "Sip & Paint) then came the various awards, news appearances, an appearance on the Dr. Oz Show as well as investments received through her business pitching techniques .  But wait...BAM!!! just the other day I see this girl done went and opened up her own make-up studio!!  All this in less than two years.  Talk about "CREATING WHAT YOU WANNA SEE!

I am a watcher and Ms. Takia Ross...I DEFINITELY SEE YOU.  So proud of her accomplishments showing us that dreams/plans/goals can come true with hard work, determination and the strength to push through.  Ladies ladies, I highly recommend this independent creative entrepreneur for your beauty services.  I've had the opportunity to work with her and not only is she amazing at what she does but has a warm spirit and outstanding business etiquette.  Get to know Takia Ross better @ http://www.prettymobilebaltimore.com/   or http://www.accessmatized.com/ 
P.S. Ladies....her studio offers lash services..YES!!
Remember...your destiny is bigger than the biggest dream you have ever dreamt! ~Takia Ross

Kick in your NU-U

Many people use big goals to improve themselves and their lives — things like, “get a promotion” or “buy a car.” However, these goals can often feel huge and intimidating, so most end up avoiding them or putting them off.

I personally find it easier to set some "lil" goals based around self-improvement, and these little goals actually power my "BIG" goals. You don’t have to drastically change your life to see progress — check out these 5 "lil" goals you can start today to improve your life in general.

  1. Learn one lil new thing every day: a lil piece of history, a fun fact, something about someone you care about and especially something you are passionate about.
  2. Swap a bad habit for a good habit. For example, instead of having 2 cups of coffee in the morning, swap the 2nd for a glass of water.
  3. Schedule “you time” into every day, even if it is only for 15 minutes. Do something you truly love during this time like reading a book, listening to music or one of my favorite "grown-up coloring" LOL.  OK I know parents of young children may think this is impossible to do, but when my son was younger we had a "20 minute only disturb me if it's an emergency RULE"  I think he liked it more than me tho
  4. Take the time to appreciate #thesimplethings around you. It will improve your mood
  5. Take a class/learn something you have always been interested in, like painting or learning to play an instrument. Remember within this huge internet world with google and youtube, you can do this from the comfort of your home in your PJ's

Here's a "LIL" plus.  Make and eat a peanut butter & jelly sandwich....I promise you will smile and feel like a kid again as the jelly spills on your bottom lip  #thesimplethings

#Moments4Love DMV SoulSessions

After an amazingly amazing experience across the POND, so amazing the #Moments4Love UK Soul Sessions performance has been nominated for "Best Show 2016" by The Soul Survivors Magazine, a noteworthy soul music magazine and network in the UK, I am so so proud to present the #Moments4Love SoulSession event on my side of the POND in the DMV!!! As always, it's gonna be #morethanmusic... This concert will feature myself, Kenya McGuire Johnson and Kenya SoulSinger as well as adding some super spice to the mix highlighting Mary Lawrence on Flugel Horns and Alisha Glover, a DMV fave singer #artistsupport  But it doesn't stop there...the night will support/bring awareness of TWO non-profit organizations:  G-I-R-L-S INC as well as my 501(c)3 pick of the month..The Family Crisis Center of PG County.

Hope to hang out with you on 2/25 @ 7pm.  Find out more here>> www.moments4love.com

Non Profit Org Pick of the Month ~ Family Crisis Center of PG County (USA) Inc.

A few weeks ago I attended a holiday toy drive.  I'll be honest, my #1 reason for going was to meet with a potential caterer for an upcoming event (and taste the food of course) but what I experienced and left with was far more than expected.   Among the many community advocates in attendance, there was one who made me take the fork out of my mouth when they spoke of their organization That person was Sophie Ford, Executive Director of the Family Crisis Center of PG County.  I was so moved by the passion she had as she spoke of the services they provide to promote and facilitate the elimination of domestic violence by providing counseling, education and support services to men, women and children.  Here's what really GOT me....this organization also provides services to the perpetrators of domestic violence resulting in 0% repeat offenders in their Abuser Intervention Program (A 26-week program serving persons with anger and/or domestic violence issues).  Talk about igniting change on both ends!! The Family Crisis Center of PG County, Inc. offers
  • Safe Passage Emergency Shelter
  • 24-Hour Crisis Intervention Hotline
  • Abuser Intervention Program
  • Anger Management Program
I am extremely proud to bring additional awareness of this program during the next #Moments4Love "Performance with a Purpose" event taking place on Feb 25th.  Find out more about this organization and how you can get involved by visiting http://familycrisiscenter-pgco.org/get-involved/
In closing, Be the Girl on the RIGHT”
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